Department of Management

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

  1. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.
  2. Human Resource and Organizational Management.
  3. Marketing Management.
  4. Strategic Organizational Leadership and Management
  5. Production and Operation Management

Master of Science in Procurement and Supplies Management.
Master of Arts in Public Administration and Management

  1. Public Policy & Administration.
  2. Local Government Administration.
  3. Financial Management, Social Services
  4. Management, Community Development, NGO Management

Master of Science in Human Resource Development
Master of Science in Office Administration & Management
Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Management

  1. Marketing Management,
  2. Human Resource Management,
  3. Banking and Finance,
  4. Entrepreneurship,
  5. Risk and Insurance Management,
  6. International Business Management,
  7. Supplies and Procurement Management,
  8. Accounting

Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
Diploma and Certificates in:
1. Human Resource Management
2. Business Management
3. Marketing Management
4. Maritime transport and logistics
5. Entrepreneurship
6. Supplies and Procurement
7. Project Management